AA318 MindMap Revison Files

Book 1 - Frameworks for Modern Art - SWF 4.2 Mb | PDF | MMAP

Book 2 - Art of the Avant Gardes - SWF 3.6 Mb | PDF | MMAP

Book 3 - Varieties of Modernism - SWF 5.4 Mb | PDF | MMAP

Book 4 - Themes in Contemporary Art - SWF 3.4 Mb | PDF | MMAP


The SWF and MMAP versions are a bit smaller now, but still quite large as indicated, so be patient.

MMAP versions are probably only of any use if you have MindJet MindManager

PDF versions are designed for printing across several pages

These files are only intended for use for revision purposes by AA318 students.

Let me know if you find them useful?


David Evans

9 October 2009